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tv   News4 Your Sunday  NBC  November 19, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EST

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goodw3 mornibyñi this is "news4 your sunday." for us it is an annual opportunity to help needurli fies imr ourç community. "tut do it to put thanksgiving ouri] region. foodñr 4 familiesçóçó works witr partners every year top andsothers inçó 'eed. we focus on four groups that will benefit food forçó familie. first isrwashington conference branch of the women's missionarf essie thompsonñiñr isw3çó the g kirst vice
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)á tell us !suq theñr branch herer washington. with many organizationst( wheree serve -- provideñi servicecg materip&s and; monetary donatios and other things to helpq beneft the people in the neighborhood, bciucp=uiuñi primary focus isj transforming lives, building world. our every day work for the conference. >>ñi and does your workc impact primarily residents in d.c.,ñi maryland,ñi virginia or all thr? "t we do all three. )pr(t&háhp &hc% work in prince georges county. food 4 families. tell us how your distribution goes and who getsjf the turkeys r(>> ourñr localçó
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consists of about 80e10,ñp chur about 20 other chu)chesçó are participating this year. up toçñrxdñr receive the thank1 baskets. throughout the year. $zm%ujpsár @r(t&háhp &hc% >> we are actually involved in churches do % throughout tyear,ñi besides giving gifts at christmas time.á >> itçó organization -- let me incars ratded and that'sñr one phase of the program. the next ph would beñi when they areñi relec the communiyj r(t&háhp &hc% >> and yáuñi do a numberñi of o activities ug
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read for theñi6z we support stork net. we do st. ann's home for young girls. habitat f habitat for humanity and things of that nature. > the work you are doing is% targeting areas that areé@ in greatest need and váu are ] deal with such as p,hunger, helping the youth and women who areçó left alone. né'ññiw3 yes.ñr we do. under the leadership of ourçó focus on trying toç do5axd whç can, to help those in society going throughçó challenges toñie anç opportunityo
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quality of life and let them know there are people who care for themñi and want to help the to be able to functionfáñud'd te and feel that they are living up to the lifestyle that tåt would like to live up to. >> andñiñr it isñi so important people to have during thefzd holem1ñokw3 isn't? sort [z fur leftfá alone and ló out, and especially if they're going through challenges andñi they're not able to do the things that they would like to do. they find ñ!hemselves, youñi 3wt )jááátját to justúvu of reach out, tof"ñ letjf them kno care about you, we want tof&p you andñi we're here. to do it
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ìá((&hc% and happy thanksgiving.
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)áq(ujulp ofw3q horton' kids, andñit( larry ingram is a part-time staff member and the father of a fifth grader in the program. welcome to both of you. so tell us how horton'sok kids gets children read0=ó fjuñrñzs in school and life. >>jfñr sure. toñi development to health andñi b
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career and life. >> you have quite a record. #+>> thatrisok absolutelyñi tru. our graduation ratei] amongt( graduation rate ñc of theirt(ñiñi localt( >> wow, that'sfádh#antast >> yes. ?ur daughter isic >> how long has she been inñr t program? >> she has been in the program sev?nc years now. you to horton's kids? >> oneó thing i learned aboutxá horton's kids was the empowerment thatevwñr theyçó gig kids, and once i, you xdknow, checked ite1 out and seen, youç know, e+erything that they doñi for kids, i knew that that wasl and she's blossomed there id(ó understand? >> yes, she's learned so much.ç you t(know,< young femaleñr growing up, you
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good. >> gotten a lotead ofçó support? >> ñiyes, from horton's kids, y. >> robin, what are some ofñi th >> sure. fromñi robin's --ñiw3rxdlarry's daughter's age allçó theçó waug through high school? >> -9sure, we serve kidsfá sta in kindergarten through 12th grade. we are located at theq start of an anacostiañi apartment comple. so children we serve, about 90% live in that community.çó it is a largeñrfá apartment ç1zy of ourñr programs are e1e1held, really meant to be anhextensio childre' come in, they're known, they're in a safe place, and homework help to one-on-one tutoring toñi mentoring, we hav have sportsçó teams, science )aábs, all of those sorts of distribution. we do meals out
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we send weekend bags of food home, we have a food pan mytry and also toiletrieslp and other basic needs o[ children. >> yeah,cç wonderful. larry, your daughter isokñi doi >> yes. but you areçó doing well workin. >> yes. >> buts7 you actually sk%uxd t organization and how it works from both sides?eko cf1 o >> yes. it's amazing, youfáñi know. actually, i was talking toçó somebody, a guy earlier and i was telling himñr like, you knor you have another path you will since i've been workingç withñ horton's kidb(jrñiñi i've been o touch some kids inlpxd so many nice, it's beenok a journey. f h distribution. inw
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sure everythingxd '%ñ sanitized. i also go do foodw3ñi pickups a ran on schedule. >> you'reñi actup&ly going to b helping with that in thekoe1w3o come. you are going to beok distributg the food forxd families, theñi so wefá wznnçó distribute theym baskets first to theñi children the families of the3w children enrolled in ourñr program. that's just under 100 families who will receiveç baskets, but sort of in the community range we will beñr distributing baske from nbcçó 4 and also imf and w willt( hopefully make a happyr holiday for many families. >> your programt( is free, is tt right? >> it is free.xd chs
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behaviorally andfá academically >> yourçóçó website. >> it'cxdçót( will be a happy thanksgiving for you and your family,çóñi ill beym happy for thanksgiving distribution wh=nb we do thatçó because i will be e turkeys andñki stuff. so it will be exciting to know every child>7%ll have something on their table.
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z2kqoz z16fz y2kqoy y16fy #aq!qq)e all od drive.
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ceo, and, gabrielle, yours isñi really th heart of the operation. that's where allñr of th@i elbo grease isç used, is that right? on monday and tuesday weñi expe turkeys, trimmings and evmr.thing for many thousands of families. so we look forward to beingn÷ç] to help boys and girls clubs members and families to have ax; wonderful thanksgiving. >> you know, it is such>!÷ huge operation. there's so much people there. many çóworkers, so many extra talkok about some ofw3ñi ex wo1 takes place. >> well, weçó are starting prio to make sure thatçó everything families. we want to make sure ths thev have an environment that'sor
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ñ working toñã aligned and yourç volunteers a ours areñrkoñi working togethe prepare for very early monday morning at the boys antr girls club ise actually distribute them. >> absolutely. kn of themçó will be served byz t. d.c. area ñ w have a greatok thanksgiving because ogów3 the support of so manyñi-9 fávolunteers. cf1 o your mission, doesn't it? we've been partners with you for six years,ñ+( it has been just nment for thousands of kidsxdçó in th metropolitan area. you know, out-of-school time is a time where kids can get in and their parentsñi meeting the
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impactful programs aroundw3 aca6#ry proud. we have a 98% graduation rate for our high school seniors lasç year, and thisñi happens each a every year veryt( çááásv mission changed at all over the you did? ñiñó there aret(çó 75 oruñi so&k%ouss in this6zok areañi that could s and girlsçóñi club. we can't serve themçó@ f&. we serve aboutñiñi 15,000 kizzó year, but our average yearlyxd attendanceçóñrç"continues to gr each and every day and we're at the point wherelp we haveñi wai impact of the work is so special that the kw$(, theç?$tp)ents recognize this and they wantñ&r
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( it% kids, but also to the parents i mean you think about it. would their kidsi] goñi fort(fá) four hoursk+ñu)jt that time? we provide that place. we have power hour. all kids are required to dou at least one hour of homework when  can do many of the other things. torch club, keystones, our stem there's some time for some healthy lifestyles and maybe a little basketball, too. >> uh-huh, that's someñr of the most fun parts. it. if not, we find sc'u5. q we don'tt( turn kids away. we realizexd thp we are that place that÷ parents anñi kids turn to, and we
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five years old toñr 18. so our missionw3 has notñr chan. outxdw3fáa5ñççóñ out-of-school ñiçótime, and the summer we have camps. some of our viewers might?÷f0't how can they do it. >> we would appreciatelp kids this time of yearñrñiñifá boots,b.vwñrñr coatsp, and sc. but you can go to ourt(ko webs and donate. boys and girls club ofñi greate washington. thank you so much. >> thank you. we appreciate it. >> and?7ólp many of our food fo family recipients, as you know we talk about how this campaign ñçóñrñr
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janice chance is president íxdxó morning work to help veterans during the holidays
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janice chance is president of maryland american gold star mothers and families, andfáb. >thisu year we get thefá wonderful opportunity to partneñ homeless veterans of washington, d.c. and we havew3 a special opportunity this yearfá to haved m ms. janice çóchance,ñifá presid ourñr qç
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excited about that. star families are very real. lp families. tell us how you do that. >> usually throughout the yearì% regular basis and, the gold star mother's maryland t xd mothers who seek to strive to children alive by serving veterans, active dutyñi militar and work within our community. so we found that serving is a u(v f healing, and so we serve together. we work within our community. the mothers
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gener!s y every(neher month and we get together and decide what we're going to do and how6z we ggi)t to supporá ñ#urfáñi heroe. who5a haveñi had same struggles, you know, you people, you know. we know what." we're going know, you're going to have<  t empty chair at theñi table and so every year we have got to face that, and soq moms tend to wounds you don't see. so being ñ there,ñifá doingñr things together to aepve within our community, especially our?x @r(% veterans because they are our heroes, we areñrxd determined t and so we volunteerçó aá the vy hospitals and usos añdrlp water reed and justñi work within the community, habitat for humanity. when gloria contacted me and told me they were
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families,ç añr lot of times we areç for?qq about. and soçó it is wonderful we're going to t%ññi able to get toge( andñiç be able tow3 givet(th$ thanksgiving. >> and the same is truexd for t youçókó do at the medical çóbu >> we haveñrh building called te where thesni homeless.ñiw3çó we work to."ñi ser+efji homel veterans. housing. give themt( tofá our veterans housed. another organization comingñiñii &háhp &hc% crc to provide meals for veterans who are not housed who areym homeless. last year weñi sñiñi 73 people. we hope to do more thislp year. within
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forq veterans7s that come in, have a computer lab forçó veters to look for employment, hopefully this year we will be employers átut comeé@ outq to help?3 ñ veterans find joo andq organi- rjjr @r(t&háhp &hc% >> the truth is ifbu(j notns'?ì% for nbc 4 food for families weñ the program itself,xd we go dow tofá the boys and girls club in we hm severalçñrxd this year we haveñi volunteersñ from variouslp vetq)ans organizations that are goinglpç put the baskets together, and one day isw fá boys and girlsñi ñrclub, we'll figure out how to pick themçót(. really 6zoccurs. >> we knowçóñi ita
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> d% at --
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gusts up to 50 miles per hour, possibly power outages, possibly flurries. we'll talk all about it. plus a busy night for local police, the rash of deadly shootings while you were as slooep. and who officers are now looking for. and new revelations about the trump tower meeting with russian lawyers. for the first time the man who set it up shares his side of the story. but first, let us get to your forecast. because you will feel the wind right away. hit in the face. good sunday morning to y


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